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We were established in 1986 and our aim is to help people everywhere conduct research into their Warwickshire ancestors. We cover the entire county and are the only Family History Society devoted solely to the whole of Warwickshire.Warwickshire

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Do you have anything of interest that we could publish in the newsletter? We need contributions from Members to enable us to continue production of the magazine. Articles, Adverts, Letters, Help Wanted, Memories (and we all have these) etc.

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Postal Charges/Newsletter UK

It has come to our attention that the May 2008 issue was sent without the correct postage value, and this has resulted in some members having to pay a total of £1.24 to redeem the package from the GPO.

As we do not know who had to pay and who did not, we have decided to credit all members with this value. Karen will be sending this credit out in December with the newsletter. If you got yours and did not have to pay please let Karen know. We would be interested to know the exact percentage.

We have also decided to contact the Royal Mail Complaints department and demand a refund.